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We Made It is a planet orbiting Procyon 11.3 light years from Earth. Gravity is about three-fifths Earth's and has one ocean. The planet's axis is pointed along the plane of the ecliptic (like Uranus), creating ferocious winds of as much as 1,500 mph during summer and winter, forcing the people to live underground.[1][2]

The ferocious winds of We Made It are the planet's main (and only) touristic attraction.[2]

The planet is home to at least one sandy desert which is completely devoid of life.[2]

It got its name because the first human colony ship crash-landed. Natives are known as Crashlanders and their capital, which was the site of their ship's crash landing, is called Crashlanding City.[1]

Crashlanders tend to be taller and limber than humans from Earth. The planet's population was nearing a billion in 2686[3]. 40% of We Made It's population is albino.[4]


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