Vaemar-Riit, more commonly referred to by the mononym Vaemar, was a son and the only surviving descendant of Chuut-Riit. He possessed a genius level intellect and was a natural leader.[1] Vaemar became close friends with Dimity Carmody as well as the two Rykermanns. Vaemar led the Kzin after their defeat by U.N. forces during the Liberation of Wunderland in 2420 C.E. He faced several challenges to his rule over the Wunderkzin not the least of which was the rebellion of many Kzin who felt that they should not have made peace with their human foes.[1] This rebellion was snuffed out when its leader, the traitorous human Henrietta was killed during a fierce firefight in which Leonie Rykermann was badly wounded as well.[1] Vaemar would later encounter a group of feral Jotoki in Grossgeister swamp who had been preying on Kzin and humans out in the wilds of Wunderland.[2] Vaemar sired several children with the intelligent Kzinrett XXXXXXX. Among these were Orion-Riit and Orlando-Riit, both of whom would go on to have extraordinary careers of their own.

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