Traat-Admiral was a Kzin Hero and naval officer, an a close confidant and follower of Chuut-Riit. He was one of the leaders of the Third Fleet invasion force destined for the Sol System whose mission was interrupted by the bombardment of Wunderland by UNSN forces and the assassination of his commanding officer. After Chuut-Riit's untimely death he fought a short but brutal civil war against the Kzin Hero Lord Ktrodni-Stkaa, in which both vied for command of the Wunderland Kzin and the title of successor to Chuut-Riit.[1]

Early Life & Career Edit

Traat-Admiral's place and date of birth are unknown and as such it is impossible to state his exact age or the length of his military career. It is known that, upon arriving with Chuut-Riit's armada to Hssin in 2392 CE he had already earned the title and partial name, Traat-Admiral. The reason for him not having a full name (at least not one that is revealed) is unknown, similar to Chsst-Admiral. However, his rank, and the fact that he acted as a liaison to Chuut-Riit indicate that he had earned a fair degree of prestige during his time in the Kzin Navy. [2]

The Third Invasion Fleet Edit

Traat-Admiral arrived in the Hssin system first, aboard the command ship Victory At S'Rawl. He acted swiftly to impose the will of the Patriarchy on the local government and Orbit Command.[3] The Admiral showed particular zeal in the commencement of these duties, taking care to ensure that discipline was established upon the population of Hssin, who he looked at as less-cultured, "outer world" Kzin. The Hissin Orbit Command kowtowed to the newly arrived officer, fearing the consequences of any disobedience once the rest of the armada, under the command of Chuut-Riit himself, arrived. As the rest of the armada, comprised of the best ships available from five systems, arrived in the system, Traat-Admiral stationed them in orbit around the red planet R'hshssira, on full display, in order to further intimidate the local populace into following his bidding.[2]

Kzin Civil War Edit

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