Earth's Moon, also known as Luna.

The Moon is a separate entity, but is under the control of the same government as Earth. It does, however, has its own distinct culture. Humans native to the Moon are called "Lunies", and tend toward tall, lean body types regularly reaching eight feet in height. Their physique gives them an elven, ethereal appearance, although it does limit their overall strength in comparison with typical Flatlanders or even Belters who suffice mostly with artificial gravity.[1] Between 2123 and 2127 the ARM agent Gilbert Hamilton investigated two unique and bizarre cases of murder that occurred on the Moon while he was acting as a U.N. delegate.[2] These investigations are detailed in the short stories, The Woman in Del Rey Crater, and the Patchwork Girl, both of which are published in the collections Flatlander, and The Long ARM of Gil Hamilton.
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