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'Stasis field is a field within which an object (or even a person) remains unaffected by the passage of time, even for billions of years.[1]


There are at least two types of stasis fields: the most usual is a protective emergency field without controls, but is triggered automatically in times of danger.[1]

The other type is a protective seal and usually has controls.

Valueable or delicate items are placed in such containers (stasis boxes).[1]


The stasis fields have particles whose physical properties prevent one field from existing inside another. Precedence is taken by the larger field.[1]

Stasis fields have a perfectly reflective, shiny surface nearly invulnerable to outside damage.[2]


Stasis fields are also known as Slaver Stasis Fields as they were developed by the Tnuctipun during the Thrint Empire. Significant technological advances have been found in such ancient containers.[1]