The Slaver War refers to a conflict between the Thrintun species, colloquially known as Slavers, and a species of primate like aliens called the Tnuctipun who were at the time in thrall to the Thrintun.[1] The conflict resulted in the near extinction of all life in Known Space.

Background Edit

At one point in the history of the universe the Thrintun had enslaved all known life and ruled with an iron fist. To make up for their lack of intelligence and technical knowledge they utilized the clever Tnuctipun to build and maintain the technology required to sustain their vast holdings. The Tnuctipun were adept at genetic engineering, a skill that the Thrintun put to good use. Entire worlds were seeded, first with yeast, then with genetically engineered animals that fed on the yeast which were known as whitefood (the Bandersnatchi were originally whitefood). These animals served as the primary food-source for the carniverous Thrintun. In addition, the Tnuctipan had crafted defensive weapons, later called slaver sunflowers, whose primary function was to protect the estates of the Thrintun overlords.

The Conflict Edit

After hundreds of years of secret planning the Tnuctipun launched a pre-meditated assault on their Slaver masters. As a part of the plan, the true purpose of the sunflowers was revealed when they activated simultaneously, killing any Thrintun in range. Due to their careful planning, part of which was to foster an over-reliance by the Thrintun on themselves, the Tnuctipun were ultimately able to defeat the Thrintun and free the galaxy from their yoke. The victory, however, came at a terrible price. Before they were all eliminated, the last remaining Thrintun banded together and sent out a telepathic signal, using an amplifier, which caused all life in the universe to commit suicide. This act ensured not only the extinction of nearly every species in Known Space, including the Tnuctipan, but also of the Thrint themselves. Only a few individuals who happened to be in stasis fields survived the suicide order.[2]

Legacy Edit

The Slaver War and ensuing destruction of nearly all sentient life in the universe had a massive effect on the evolution of species in Known Space.

Due to possible seeding of worlds by the Outsiders, one of the few species apparently unaffected by the Slaver Weapon, life has evolved throughout Known Space, with most species appearing to share genetic similarities that can only be readily explained through common ancestry.

The genetically engineered Bandersnatchi still exist on the planet Jinx, relatively unchanged even after nearly 2 billion years.[2]

References Edit

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