From the video game Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch.

The Slaver Sunflower is a plant engineered by the Tnuctipun during the reign of the Thrintun, with the purpose to serve as a defensive weapon, and are to be found throughout the planets dominated by the Thrint Empire.[1]

The Sunflower blossom tracks with the sun, its petals reflect sunlight to a central bulb where photosynthesis takes place. They also have a limited ability to sense creatures nearby and will alter the focus of the petals to burn intruders to the sunflower patch. The image on the right shows a sunflower that is inconsistant with novelizations, depicting a center blossom highly reflective surface that can burst at a target the light stored in fatal beams.[1]

The Tnuctipin secretly engineered the Sunflowers to turn on their Thrintun masters, as part of a multi-stage plan which also included the Bandersnatchi, whose aim was to completely destroy the Thrintun. The revolt proved mostly successful in that the Thrintun were obliterated, except for a handful of beings who happened to be encased within stasis fields.[2] Unfortunately, the Thrintun were able to send out a suicide message across the stars, effectively obliterating all life in the galaxy. It would take billions of years for sentient life to evolve again as a result of this catastrophe.[3]

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