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Revenge of the Patriarch.

Tsunami Games released the DOS video game Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch in 1992.

A graphical adventure set in Larry Niven's "Known Space" universe. The centerpiece of the Known Space universe is the Ringworld, an artificially created planet that is actually an immense band orbiting a distant star (Halo borrows this idea for its setting). If you aren't familiar with Niven's series, go out and pick up any one of the dozens of Known Space books and you won't be far from having to track down all of them.

In Revenge of the Patriarch, the player must travel to the Ringworld to uncover information which could prevent the alien Kzinti from starting another war with humanity. It follows the standard point and click formula for adventure games.

Easter Eggs[]

  • In the lab, press 'p' (flying pigs)
  • In the dressing room, press '4' (ghost player). Note: This only works in ScummVM. In the original game, the key is unknown at the moment (keycode: 4)
  • If you wait long enough after the ending credits, the game shows some stagehands talking about turning the lights off, cleaning up, and getting ready for the next show.

Original Game[]

  • The God mode is activated by the following sequence: leftCtrl-] leftshift-# leftCtrl-6
  • The commands in god mode are the following:
    • T : Teleport to scene
    • A : Gives objects info (use enter to see next object)
    • I : Add object in inventory
    • F : Set flag
    • G : Get flag
    • C : Clear Flag
    • W : display current scene number

Original bugs fixed[]

  • In scene 40 (Chmeee home) the animation is incorrectly started. Engine delays make it almost un-noticeable in the original.
  • When Quinn enters scene 4100 (Rock's hut) coming from scene 4150 (kitchen), the mouse cursor stays hidden until the user clicks.
  • When Quinn forgets the stasis box and goes back to the cave (scene 5100), he re-enters the pillar and the game crashes.

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