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For the world, see Ringworld.

Ringworld's Children is a science fiction novel by Larry Niven, set in his Known Space universe and ties into numerous other books set in Known Space. It is the fourth book in the Ringworld series

Plot summary[]

This novel continues the story of the Fringe War which was begun in The Ringworld Throne (novel) . The intelligent species of Known Space have become interested in the Ringworld and are engaged in manoeuvrings for control of the Ringworld.

The plot starts a few months after the end of The Ringworld Throne with Louis Wu emerging from his AutoDoc not only healed, but physiologically young again. Louis had entered the 'doc 84 days previously after fighting Bram, the vampire protector

See also[]

  • From the Crashlander anthology, the short stories
    • "At the Core", for references to a super-fast hyperdrive
    • "Procrustes", for references to medical nanotechnology
    • "Flatlander", for references to the discovery of the antimatter planet Cannonball Express.


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