Art by Burns, copyright © 1966 by Galaxy Publ. Corp.

Schultz-Mann, Dr. Richard; was a human male Wunderlander. He was tall and thin, with copper hair. Formerly wealthy, he had lost his fortune in a stock market crash, but retained the noble looks and asymmetric beard of a Wunderlander aristocrat. A xenobiologist, in 2632 he began studying biological artifacts of the Slaver Empire, such as stage trees. In 2644 he was 154, but "looked older" as he had been off boosterspice for two decades. [Spoiler alert: "A Relic of the Empire"] That year he encountered "Captain Kidd" and his gang of pirates on Mira Ceti-T. See "A Relic of the Empire" (story summary). Shortly thereafter, he searched for the hidden Puppeteer homeworld. Circa 2685 he was an elderly pauper living on Silvereyes.


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