A hyperdrive significantly faster than the Quantum I Hyperdrive. It achieves the second quantum rate of hyperspace travel, 1.25 Earth minutes/LY.[1]

The Quantum II unit was thought to be enormous, barely fitting within a GP Hull No. 4, this has been revealed as being untrue following events centered around the Fleet of Worlds.

The first ship to have one was the Long Shot. Others were the Kzinti ships Destroyer and Lance of Truth.[2] The Ringworld itself was fitted with Quantum II Hyperdrive functionality by the Tunesmith as Protector. In "Fate of Worlds", the sequel to the "Ringworld" series and final novel of the "Fleet of Worlds" series, a Puppeteer successfully reconfigures the planetary drives of three of the Fleet worlds for a Quantum II Hyperdrive mode and propels those worlds 500 light years further on their flight from the galaxy. The other two Fleet worlds are subsequently destroyed by their planetary drives.[3]


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