Plateau is a Venus-like planet in the Tau Ceti system with very hot and dense atmosphere. It is a major human colony world.[1]

The immense Mount Lookitthat plateau, half the size of California, is rising high enough to be habitable, forming a maze of plateaus.[1]


Planck over Plateau The Planck Discovers Mt. Lookitthat The Planck has entered the Tau Ceti system, only to discover that the target world has a poisonous Venus-like atmosphere. The Planck is seen here transiting the upper atmosphere of the planet and discovering Mt. Lookitthat, a massive plateau that projects 40 miles up into the thankfully habitable region of the atmosphere; thus the planet was named "Plateau". Several of the now famous waterfalls are visible on the plateau.

The inhabitants (mountaineers) are divided into rigid hereditary castes:

The crew are the upper caste, descended from the individuals who piloted the colonized vessel and hold power through their monopoly on organ transplantation.

The original colonists signed the "Covenant of Planetfall" at gunpoint as they were awakened from hibernation, agreeing that this outcome was just recompense for the labors of the crew during the voyage. As a result their descendants are the lower caste.

This repressive system was overthrown[2], and the former inequality appears to have disappeared[3].


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