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From the video game Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch.

Pierin are a sentient aerial bipedal omnivore race[1] native to a planet of the same name (two bodies orbiting a binary star).


They apparently resemble horned birds, and are used to low gravity enviroments.

they are intelligent and friendly toward aliens.[1] They believe in cooperation and communal life and ownership of property, goods and services. They resent competition and exploitation as violent and evil; as a result they favor restructuring the economy of other Known Space worlds to match their own.[1]

Their religion is animistic and relevant to every aspect in their daily life.[1]

Pierin are also famous poets and musicians and also pilots, with unique skill and ability in acrobatics. [1]


The Pierin had colonized several planets around p Eridani.

The Pierin warred against the Kzinti Empire since the 20th century until their planet was enslaved.[1]

They might likely have been liberated by the Humans with the end of the Man-Kzin War.[1]