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The Patriarchy is the ruling government of the Kzin. It is a monarchy or empire of sorts, as the title of Patriarch is handed down within a particular family lineage. [1] During the period of the Man-Kzin Wars, roughly 2360-2620 CE, a single Patriarch ruled over the Kzin. Details of this particular Kzin are few and far between, even his full name is never given and it is unknown how long he sat on the throne prior to the outbreak of the first Man-Kzin War. It is known however, that he comes from the Riit House, and is the sire of Chuut-Riit, making him the grandfather of Vaemar Riit.[2] According to Vaemar's knowledge, apparently given to him by Raargh-Hero, the Riit family had ruled the Kzin even before they conquered the Jotoki and gained access to spaceflight technology.[1] At least some male members of the Riit line, including Vaemar and his son Orlando, were born with a red marking on there chest that was distinctive amongst the Kzin. Apparently, this marking gave the Kzintosh who was born with it special status not attributed to Kzin outside of the Riit family, or even those within the family who were born without the marking.[1]


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