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New Terra, formerly known as NP 4 of the Fleet of Worlds is home to a previously unknown human colony that was engineered here following the events that befell the Long Pass.

Colonists, as they were known by Puppeteers, rebelled after learning the bloody truth of their progeny. Thus New Terra became a world on its own, propelled by an Outsider Planetary drive, it diverged from the Fleet of Worlds.[1]


New Terra is home to at least two continents separated by large salt water oceans.

Arcadia is the most heavily populated continent and home to the human government. Much of the rest of the world is covered in flora and fauna native to the Puppeteer home-world, though this is being changed since the departure of the planet from the Fleet of Worlds.


Much of the nuance of culture on New Terra is indicative of the populations former masters. The official language for example being an archaic Earth language called English that has been censored to remove words and phrases that refer to violence or to other subject matter that may have been detrimental to the Puppeteer's mastery over the populace.

Notable Inhabitants[]

Sigmund Ausfaller is the prior and currently serving Minister of Defense. Originally from Earth.

Alice Jordan Served in the defense department of New Terra. Originally from the Belt of Sol System.