Morlocks are semi-sentient hominid cave dwellers on Wunderland. They, like humans, descended from a failed attempt by Pak Protectors to colonize Sol system and nearby star systems. They were named by humans for the creatures in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. The Morlocks have black, leathery skin, sharp claws, and baboon-like muzzles.[1] Although the Morlocks have poor vision due to having evolved in Wunderland's cave systems, their other senses are well adapted to their environment. They tend to be timid when alone and prefer attacking in number and utilize stealth to drop on their prey from above. This tactic is aided by the Morlocks' inherent agility and strong climbing abilities.[2] Both Kzin and Humans have at times been preyed upon by Morlocks, and both species have also partaken in their flesh out of necessity, though it is consistently described as foul-tasting.


In 2433 it was discovered that the Morlocks of Wunderland were also the descendants of an ancient Protector expedition, similar to the one that planted the seed of humanity on Earth. Using the Hollow Moon the Pak were able to transport Breeders to Wunderland in hopes of establishing a colony in order to protect that particular lineage. It is unknown why the mission failed, although it is speculated that Tree-of-Life failed to grow on Wunderland. It is also uncertain why the Morlocks evolved so differently than humans, although there is documented evidence of Morlocks transforming into Protectors upon exposure to Tree-of-Life. Also, there was one documented case of a human-Morlock hybrid, the product of a feral human living in the caves and a Morlock mating. Although the fetus did not survive, its discovery provided a key piece of evidence pointing towards a close relation between the two races who were apparently so different.[1]

The Morlock Protectors were smaller than their human counterparts but seemed to have the same, godlike intelligence and single minded determination to protect their lineage. Unfortunately, further research into the Morlock-Pak connection was hampered by the destruction of the cave system where the transformed Morlocks were hiding by Dimity Carmody using nuclear explosives that were buried underground.[1]

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