Marthar-Riit was an intelligent Kzinrett and member of the Riit Clan faction residing on Wunderland after its Liberation. She was the daughter of Orion-Riit, making her the great-granddaughter of Chuut-Riit. Through her friendship with the human Peter Cartwright she and her father became involved in a mission to retrieve and ancient treasure on the planet Garth left behind by the pirate K'Zaar. During the course of this mission Marthar was injured and, due to damage to the implant that allowed her to have intelligent thought, she began to revert to her animalistic side. Although the process was reversed before it caused permanent damage, Marthar admitted to being both frightened, and excited by the changes she experienced. In the end Marthar, Peter and Orion all survived their treasure quest, but not before Marthar had a chance to prove her value as both a problem solver and warrior. She also developed a deep and intense hatred of the Kzin known as Silver during this time.[1]

References Edit

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