Man-Kzin Wars IV cover

Man-Kzin Wars IV is a collection of short stories set within the Known Space universe. The stories within take part during the Man-Kzin Wars and recount some of mankind's dealings with the alien species known as the Kzin. [1]

Synopsis: Edit

"Welcome to the hottest pocket in Larry Niven's Known Space: the time of the assault on pacifist humanity by berserker felinoids from the planet Kzin. This time humanity's representatives to the Warrior Race are Donald Kingsbury, Greg Bear, and Steve Stirling. As is traditional in this war for species survival, in all cases "monkey cleverness" (i.e., human cunning) is more than a match for felinoid ferocity. But as is also traditional, victory never comes cheap to those out on the sharp edge of The Man-Kzin Wars."[1]

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