The Man-Kzin Wars Series refers to a number of interconnected stories set within the Larry Niven's Known Space Universe. The series details various stories set against the backdrop of an interstellar war waged between mankind and the savage Kzin invaders. The stories in this series, with two exceptions, are not written by Larry Niven himself. Lacking any sort of military experience, Niven did not consider himself qualified to write war stories and therefore chose not to delve into the time period of the Man-Kzin wars in great detail. Eventually though, some of Niven's fellow science-fiction authors were allowed to write stories dealing with the conflict. These stories are collected in volumes labeled Man-Kzin Wars followed by a roman numeral denoting the number of the volume with the exception of the first volume which is simply title The Man-Kzin Wars.

Books Edit

As of 2017 there are a total of fourteen volumes and three stand-alone novels in the series.

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