Lord Ktrodni-Sktaa was a Kzin commander who served under Chuut-Riit. He was known for his brutality, even among the hardened Heroes of the occupation. Along with Traat-Admiral, Ktrodni-Sktaa was seen as a potential successor. However, unlike Traat-Admiral, he despised Chuut-Riit's study of humans and was a vocal critic of his strategies. After Chuut-Riit was assassinated in 2419 C.E. the traditionalist followers of Lord Ktrodni-Sktaa fought a brutal civil war with the more progressive Kzin under Traat-Admiral's command, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides.[1] This conflict was costly for the Kzin. The resulting chaos afforded the UNSN the opportunity they needed to launch their own invasion of Wunderland and in 2420 C.E. the planet was liberated from Kzin control.[2][3]

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