The Lewis gun is a First World War-era light machine gun. It is noted for its distinctive barrel cooling shroud and top-mounted pan magazine. It utilizes a pan-magazine that holds between 47 and 97 rounds depending on what type of ammunition the particular gun is chambered in. The caliber variants for Lewis guns were .303, .30-06 and 7.92x57mm.[1] Projectile weapons such as the Lewis gun were antiques by the time humans becan colonizing the stars. However, in certain scenarios, a projectile weapon could actually be more useful than other types of weaponry such as a strakkaker. Also, despite the fact that they were outdated, guns that fired bullets were still deadly to humans if well maintained. For this reason, many projectile weapons remained in use even after the colonization of other planets had begun, particularly on Wunderland where some humans preferred to hunt with them for the challenge it provided. After the occupation of Wunderland by the Kzin, gangs of feral humans began to roam the wilderness, bullet firing weapons, and particularly Lewis guns, were favorite weapons of such gangs.[2]

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