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This is an open wiki, anyone who's interested can edit or add any page[1].

The wiki is all about the writing of Larry Niven, Niven has been writing and publishing for nearly fifty years and has not been wasting much time... Have a look at his Bibliography, and quite apart from the sheer number of books you can see that this is an author who plays well with others. A good proportion of his work is a collaboration with other writers, notably Jerry Pournelle and Edward M. Lerner but lots of others.

His first novel, World of Ptavvs, was published in 1966 (this guy has been writing for longer than I've been breathing) and themes he starts in that book are continued and elaborated on throughout his career. Niven's Known Space "series" of books (a good proportion of all of his books) is a fascinating and detailed imagining of a possible future and it all started with the story in World of Ptavvs. As far as I remember, World of Ptavvs was the first Niven I ever read...

The Larry Niven Wiki was without an admin for a few years and it would be more than cool if, now it's been adopted, people contributed to and read the wiki. That would be the icing on the cake though, my cunning plan is to have fun collecting information and writing about one of the most creative dreamers in Science Fiction.


MikeLacey, Dec 2014

  1. The main page can only be edited by registered users, just to stop silly people deleting everything. Just ask if you'd like to change something on it.