Kobold was a tiny artificial world created in the outer Sol System by Jack Brennan, a human Protector, composed of a small sphere of neutronium in the center ringed by a larger toroid structure. Gravity generators facilitated movement between the two sections and were used in games and art. Brennan destroyed Kobold just prior to leaving for his war with the Pak fleet so as to eliminate any evidence of his complex activity.[1]

Brennan created an 8 ft diameter sphere of neutronium, a material consisting of densely packed neutrons. The sphere had a surface gravity of eight million g and was maintained within a stasis field at his world of Kobold.

Kobold is the artificial world that Jack Brennan, as a protector, bubble-formed from an asteroid and maintained an ecosystem in. Kobold was Brennan's home for over 200 years. It was destroyed at the departure of Brennan and Roy Truesdale from Kobold. Kobold would appear to be named after the Kobolds of German folklore, spirits that people believed to be mischievous tricksters at times, and at other times prayed to for protection.


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