K'zaar was a Kzin pirate captain who operated during the First Man-Kzin War. There were known to be many unaffiliated Kzin pirates and freelancers who worked independently of the Patriarch's navy operating during the course of that conflict, and, as the Kzin hold on Wunderland crumbled their number's swelled. These pirates, often more ruthless than the Patriarchy itself, preyed on any human ships they came across in deep space, and the bolder ones even made raids on asteroid settlements and planet-side villages. Out of these group of marauders, K'zaar was known to be the most vile and bloodthirsty. As captain of the Warrior Beast K'zaar made his living by attacking not only human ships and settlements, but Kzin installations and ships as well. He also kidnapped Kzin and forced them to serve in his crew in order to replenish the numbers he lost in battle. When Nue Dresden on Wunderland attempted to surrender to him he cremated the entire city. He was also reviled for having destroyed what was left of Wunderland's meteor detecting satellites after the surrender of the Patriarch's forces.His villainy made him an enemy of both the Patriarchy and humanity, which may have led to his downfall, although the crew of cutthroats he employed certainly did not add to his longevity. Before he died, however, K'zaar did discover Garth, and using his crew as test-subjects, unlocked some of the secrets of the towers and the information stored within them. It was here that he abandoned the Kzintosh known as Bengar. Unfortunately for K'zaar, he did not live to reap the fruits of his discovery. The secret location of the planet, he entrusted to only his first mate, Skel.[1]

Known Crew

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