Captain Jorg Von Thoma, later known as The Judge was a human male who lived on Wunderland during and the time of the First Man-Kzin War and ensuing peace. During the Kzin Occupation of Wunderland, he collaborated with the forces of the Patriarchy. He was given the title of Captain, (it was actually used in place of his name due to Kzin naming traditions) in the Wunderland Security Police and placed in charge of a group of armed human auxiliaries tasked with collecting taxes and maintaining order among the human slave population.[1] During his time as a colloborator Jocelyn Van Der Strat worked as his deputy, although she left his service and signed on with the freedom fighters during the Liberation effort. Not long after, she would demand that he be turned over by the Kzin so he could be executed as a collaborator (this demand may have been motivated by a desire to cover her own trail)

Liberation of Wunderland Edit

In 2420 C.E., after the Kzin had announced a general cease-fire, Jorg Von Thoma found himself holed up in Circle Bay Monastery along with several other human collaborator and a motley assortment of Heros under the command of Raargh-Hero, who had just been field promoted to Sergeant. During negotiations for the surrender of the Heroes under Raargh-Sergeant's command, Von Thoma was almost killed by a group of feral humans. Only the timely intervention of the Abbot allowed Von Thoma to escape with his life. Not long after this incident, Von Thoma was able to save the life of Vaemar-Riit by smuggling the Kzin infant into Raargh-Sergeant's care right under the noses of the liberating forces. Raargh-Sergeant would later enable all three to escape a siege of the monastery by forces under command of Jocelyn Van Der Strat, adding to the hatred she already held for her former commander.[1] These events seemed to forge a lifelong bond between Vaemar, Raargh, and Jorg, for the three would remain in close contact for many years to come.

Treasure Planet Edit

By 2435 C.E. Von Thoma had apparently been able to put aside his collaborationist history and lived in relative peace on Wunderland. Jocelyn Van Der Strat had been dead for many years by this time and Kzin and humans lived side-by-side on Wunderland. In the preceding years, Jorg Von Thoma had developed a very good reputation among his neighbors and had come to be highly respected by both humans and the followers of Vaemar-Riit. A town was named in his honor, Thoma'stown, and he was named its Judge (a position that was more akin to mayor than magistrate). Through his friendship with Orion-Riit and the human Peter Cartwright, Judge Von Thoma became involved in a mission to retrieve treasure from the planet Garth, and was embroiled in a rivalry with the treacherous pirate-Kzin, Silver.[2]

References: Edit

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