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Jm'ho is an icy moon orbiting a gas giant planet, itself in an orbit around a Sol-like G spectrum star. Deep salt water oceans cover the plant under a thick layer of ice. The atmosphere above the ice is negligible. The gas-giant planet around which Jm’ho orbits exerts intense tidal forces upon its inner moons. The ceaseless flexing keeps Jm’ho seismically active and its ocean liquid.[1]


Jm'ho is home-world to the Gw'oth.

Life on Jm’ho depends on Chemosynthesis, on harvesting energy and resources from minerals and hydrogen sulfides that endlessly up well from the abyssal depths. Life on Jm’ho centers around the vents and undersea volcanoes. Everywhere else, the world ocean is lifeless; effectively a desert. Some worms evolved to hunt in packs. They developed vision optimized toward the red end of the human-visible spectrum. They would have seen in infrared, the better to discern ocean vents and the fainter heat of prey. Their vision would have gradually expanded to exploit the sporadic reddish glow of fresh lava from volcanic eruptions.

Some pack-hunting worms also evolved the ability to connect nervous systems. In such linkages, they extended the resolution and angular separation of their primitive IR-sensitive triangulation. From such worm colonies, over time, evolved starfish-like hunters: the immediate ancestors of the Gw’oth.[2]

Little else is known of specific life forms native to the moon aside from the Gw'oth and the species that they eat.

Notable InhabitantsEdit



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