From the video game Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch

Iacch-Captain is a Kzin, second-son of Chmeee. He participated to the Coalition Hyperdrive Project and arranged as a test-pilot of the Hyperdrive II ship. The Patriarch Veeshka bestowed his name.

Sometime after Chmeee's disappearance, he received Quinn to their fortress on [[W'kkai Rift who told him that he was after his father. Then his family was attacked by Centurion Shachra's forces and the two escaped on two flybikes. They managed to break into the hangar where the prototype was held and hijacked it. After escaping the Destroyer, they persuaded chief engineer Miranda Rees to their cause. On their way, Iacch renounced the Patriarch and his name and named himself Seeker-of-Vengeance until given a name by another Patriarch. He named their ship Lance of Truth.

Following the directions of the Puppeteer Hindmost, they arrived to Ringworld to find fallen ships. They landed the Lander near a settlement of the Canyon People. Seeker decided to pretend to be sky-gods, and asked to see the "egg" from the "sky mother" and the settlers asked his help to rid them of a "Screaming Demon". Seeker went to the Arch and returned with the creature's carcass and then to the ship to devour it.

When Quinn opened the way to the ancient ship, Seeker presumed it originated from the Thrint Empire. As it was sealed in a stasis field, they moved to another target. Seeker insisted on investigating alone, but while walking in a cave, he was assaulted by Flesheaters, drugged and taken into a cave to be eaten. He was soon joined by Quinn who cured him with an anti-pheromone serum. The two escaped after Quinn stole a stasis box from their Leader.

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