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Hssin was as former Kzin colony world that orbited around the star R'hshssira (Innes star or LHS 40), considered to on the front-line of the Kzin Patriarchy. Because R'hshssira is a red dwarf only about a third of the size of Sol, barely qualifying as a star at all, Hssin received little light and even less warmth, making it unlivable without some sort of temperature control technology. The planet was described as being "barren as a moon". It did however possess a thin atmosphere comprised of noxious gas that was prone to break out in storms. Due to its unwelcoming atmosphere, extreme weather conditions, and icy, rock-strewn landscape, there was no known native life on Hssin. Even the hardy Kzin resorted to atmosphere controlled suits and infrared goggles when travelling about on the surface of the planet. Despite all of these challenges, Hssin was still used as a forward military base of the Kzin Patriarchy for at least five decades prior to the facility's destruction.[1]

The Jotok Run[]

In addition to a network of tunnels and orbiting shipyards, Hssin also was used for the breeding of a large portion of the Patriarchy's Jotoki slaves. These aliens were bred and raised in an area known as the great "Jotok Run" which was described as a "collection of domes and subterranean warrens." The Jotok Run was a climate-controlled area that protected Jotoki at all stages of development from the harshness of the outside environment. During their growth they are watched and tended to by an experienced Kzin called "Jotok-Tender". A Jotok-Tender befriended Short-Son of Chiig-Nir in 2391 C.E. and this friendship became the catalyst for the young Kzintosh's transformation into the honored Trainer-Of-Slaves. [1]

Man-Kzin Conflict[]

Although mostly a dead planet, Hssin still possessed a sizable military installation, and was notable for being the staging ground for the original invasion of Wunderland in 2367 C.E. In the following forty years the base grew five-fold in size.[1] The Kzin colony there was conquered and destroyed by a human hyper-drive armada at the end of the First Man-Kzin War around 2421 C.E. It was one of their first effective counterattacks against a Kzin world, although the humans sustained heavy casualties in the battle making it more of a moral victory than a strategic one.[2] Hssin itself was a barren world prior to the Kzin establishing a base there and remained so again after its destruction. [1]


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