Home is a planet orbiting the star Epsilon Indi. An Earth-like human colony world[1] one of Earth's most distant colonies.

The planet has remarkable similarity to Earth. It's day is nearly 24 hours long, and its surface gravity is 1.08g. Oceans, mean global temperature, seasons, and moon were also similar. The first colonists originally wanted to call their world "Flatland" as a sort of perverse joke, but eventually decided on the name "Home" out of sentimentality.

In the 24th century, the inhabitants were mysteriously wiped out by an unknown phenomenon.[1] Jack Brennan calculated that the destruction was necessary to create an army of childless human Protectors to battle an invading Pak fleet and released a genetically modified Tree-of-Life virus to transform everyone between ages 40 and 60 into a protector, and killing the remaining millions of colonists. Once he realised his plans, Roy Truesdale killed Brennan but after he is transformed into a protector, Truesdale personally completed Brennan's plan.

It has since been repopulated.[1]


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