Henrietta was a female human who lived on Wunderland during the time of the Kzin occupation. She was the proud head slave of Chuut-Riit and served as his secretary and confidant, going as far as to advise him in his study of human beings. After Chuut-Riit's assassination and the liberation of Wunderland a bounty was placed on Henrietta's head, making her the most wanted collaborator on the planet. She retreated to one of his hidden fortresses with her adult daughter Emma, and a handful of other Kzin and humans where she plotted to re-ignite the war between the Kzin and humans of Wunderland. As part of this plan she had Vaemar-Riit and his Step-Sire Raargh-Hero kidnapped in an attempt to use the young Kzintosh's status to rally other Kzin to her cause. [1]

Before her plan could be enacted Raargh Hero was able to escape the fortress and rendezvous with Nils and Leonie Rykermann, who were doing field work in a nearby network of caves. These three, together with a handful of students from the University of Munchen, returned through the caves to fortress where Henrietta held Vaemar. A battle ensued during the course of which both Wunderland and UN troops arrived to aide in the fight against Henrietta and her followers. Accompanying these troops were Arthur Guthlac, Dimity Carmody, and Jocelyn Van Der Strat.[1]

The UN/Wunderland faction defeated Henrietta's faction. Jocelyn, Emma and Leonie were killed in the course of the fighting and Dimity Carmody was seriously wounded. Henrietta was also presumed killed in this encounter after her mangled and decapitated corpse was found in a Sinclair field.[1]

Later on doubts were raised as to the veracity of the claims surrounding Henrietta's death. A young human woman named Rosalind, on an expedition in Grossgiester swamp a few years later, made the claim to Vaemar that she was in reality Henrietta and that her death had been faked and her escape covered-up. Although Rosalind appeared to be in her twenties Vaemar knew that it was possible for Henrietta to have had her entire body re-constructed. However, after he commanded her to stop lying in the Ultimate Imperative tense, Rosalind resumed referring to Henrietta in the third person, further confusing the situation. When Rosalind was killed shortly after, it was revealed that much of her skull and likely the rest of her was made from metallic parts, leading Vaemar to speculate that there may be multiple false copies of Henrietta in existence, in addition to the one who may still be alive.[2]

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