What became known as the Fringe War is an occupation of the peripheral system around the Ringworld by the forces of major Known Space species.[1]


Conflict SummaryEdit

After Louis Wu and Chmeee return from the initial Ringworld expedition, the governments of their species take an interest in the technology and knowledge required to build such a structure. This leads them to send forces to the system to ascertain and gather what information they can. Skirmishes between the forces are common, and there is sizable collateral damage to the Ringworld. The conflict ends when Tunesmith as protector successfully moves the Ringworld out of the system by integrating Quantum II Hyperdrive capability to the structure itself. Louis Wu and Baedeker were able to escape the Ringworld before its departure using Louis as protector's newfound intelligence to pilot Long Shot through the Ring's foundation via Hyperspace.


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