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Donald MacDonald Kingsbury (born 12 February 1929 in San Francisco, California) is an American–Canadian science fiction author. He moved to Canada in 1948. Kingsbury taught mathematics at McGill University in Montreal from 1956 until his retirement in 1986. He has made two contributions to the Known Space universe: The Survivor (collected in Man-Kzin Wars IV) and The Heroic Myth of Lieutenant Nora Argamentine (collected in Man-Kzin Wars VI).


  • LIFE IS BUT A DREAM (short story) Penofiron, Hanover High School,  1945
  • GHOST TOWN (short story about moon colony) Astounding SF, New York, June 1952. 
  • THE RIGHT TO BREED (sf oriented article about population explosion) Astounding SF, New York, April 1955. 
  • THE ATOMIC ROCKET (sf oriented article) Analog SF, New York, Dec 1975.
  • SHIPWRIGHT (novelette in Courtship Rite series) Analog SF, New York, April 1978.
  • TO BRING IN THE STEEL (novelette 21st century) Analog SF, New York, July 1978.
  •            THE FIRST SPACE WAR (editorial) Analog SF, New York, Dec 1978. 
  • THE SPACEPORT (article background for The Moon Goddess and the Son) Analog SF, New York, Nov & Dec 1979.
  • THE MOON GODDESS AND THE SON (novella) Hugo nominee 1980. Analog SF, New York, Dec 1979.
  •      COURTSHIP RITE (novel) Hugo nominee 1982 at Baltimore 1983 Worldcon Analog SF, Feb 1, Mar 1, Mar 29 and May, 1982.  (There was no Ap issue.) 
  •      THE SURVIVOR (short novel 60,000 words) The Man-Kzin Wars IV (series in Larry Niven's Known Space) Baen Books, New York, paperback Sep 1991 ISBN 0-671-72079-1
  • THE HEROIC MYTH of LT. NORA ARGAMENTINE (short novel 70,000 wrds) The Man-Kzin Wars VI (series in Larry Niven's Known Space) Baen Books, New York, paperback July 1994 ISBN 0-671-87607-4
  • THE CAULDRON (an extract from unpub novel in Courtship Rite series.) Northern Stars (Anthology of Canadian SF writers) Tor Books, New York, hardcover Sept 1994, ISBN 0-312-85747-0
  • THE JANUS HEADED ARROW OF TIME (article about impossibility of time-travel) Analog Science Fact & Fiction , Feb 1995
  • HISTORICAL CRISIS  (a novelet about psychohistory) Far Futures (Anthology edited by Gregory Benford) Tor Books, New York, hardcover Dec 1995 ISBN 0-312-85639-3 paperback 1997