Bruno Takegama was the cyborg pilot of the ramscoop powered Sun-Tzu and later the experimental Dolittle singleship during a secret mission to Kzin occupied Wunderland in approximately 2413 C.E. Takegama was specially chosen for the mission and accompanied Carol Faulk in an attempt to deliver a virus derived from Tree-of-Life to the Wunderland system in order to create a new set of Protectors who would, ostensibly, fight the Kzin on humanity’s behalf. During the course of their time working together (prior to the Tree-of-Life mission) Bruno and Carol Faulk developed romantic feelings for each other and were in a relationship by the time the Sun-Tzu set off on its multi-year mission. Takegama was a skilled pilot.  Aided by implants he was capable of amazing feats of calculation in the blink of an eye. He could directly link to the ship’s computer and in essence, take on the entire ship as an extension of his body. Unfortunately, the more time he spent plugged in to the ship, the more he surrendered his personality to the cold and indifferent nature of the computer. Carol would become unnerved when he would speak to her through the ship instead of using his physical body as it demonstrated to her the fact that the man she loved was slowly allowing himself to become a machine. Eventually, Takegama ended up on an Outsider’s ship and, along with Carol and Rrowl-Captain, aided in efforts to save the Universe from dimension switching aliens known as “They  Who Pass.”[1]

References: Edit

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