"Neutron Star" by Rick Sternbach copyright © 1977 by Del Rey Books

BVS-1 was the first known old, cold neutron star. It was discovered in 2639 by the Institute of Knowledge on Jinx. It has an estimated mass of 1.3 solar masses and a rotation period of two minutes 27 seconds. Its estimated composition is 11 miles of neutronium covered by about half a mile of degenerate matter covered by 12 feet of ordinary matter.[1]

In 2641, a pair of researchers from the Institute of Knowledge on Jinx attempted to orbit the star in close proximity but were killed by the gravitational forces around the star. Beowulf Shaeffer later orbited the star at the request of the ARM agent Sigmund Ausfaller and the Puppeteer known as Adonis.[2][3]

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