AutoDoc is an automatic medical device able to automatically diagnose and heal an individual from injury or illness. A reader device with containing technical specifications can be used to activate advanced procedures.[1] The facility was found on Hyperdrive II ships such as Lance of Truth.

After Quinn had to neutralize Miranda Rees with his stunner, he and Iacch-Captain put her in the AutoDoc and then showed an infodisk proving that Grand Patriarch Veeshka betrayed the Coalition.


"Shipdoc", by Michael Blum copyright © 1984 by Chaosium

In use by 2126, a full-sized autodoc is a machine like a giant coffin into which a patient climbs for sophisticated, automated medical care. In 2353, at the time the most complex unit ever built was aboard a safe ramscoop starship. It could create its own biochemicals, plastiskin and artificial organs. It could in theory cure anything and keep someone young and healthy indefinitely; it could also perform manicures, haircuts, and massage. By 2355 surgery was normally done by autodocs instead of Human doctors, and on the starship Angel's Pencil, a huge autodoc covered the back wall of the infirmary. Aboard the starship Lying Bastard in 2850-51 was a Puppeteer autodoc, shaped as a Puppeteer coffin. Smaller, more limited machines also existed; see desk doc.


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