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Staff Brigadier of UNSN Intelligence, he was once a night-guard at a museum. His work gave him both the opportunity and cover he needed to dabble in his hobby, one that was frowned upon by mainstream society and heavily controlled by ARM: warfare. Guthlac studied everything he could about war and weaponry, and when the first Man-Kzin conflict began, he signed up to fight.

Guthlac iwas short, heavy-set, and takes pride in his professionalism. He was however, despite never having dated, a bit of a romantic and this trait was used by Jocelyn van der Stratt to manipulate him into aiding her in her secret machinations to exterminate all Kzin on Wunderland. Guthlac remained blissfully unaware of her two-timing; even after her death at the hands of Raargh-Hero he continued to believe that Jocelyn loved him and died loyal to his cause.[1] He also is prone to overestimating his own abilities and as such has recieved devestating physical injuries on multiple occasions, causing great discomfort if not lasting damage due to modern medical technology. [1][2][3]

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