The Angel's Pencil was a human colony ship designated to head for We Made It. It was a type of ramscoop powered ship that had been constructed to safely carry living passengers without blasting them with radiation from the drive. At the time the Angel's Pencil's inception it was at the cutting edge of human photon drive technology. The ship was given its name because its long cylindrical body, attached to a circling halo, resembled a mechanical pencil. It was launched from Earth in approximately 2355 C.E. and crewed by five persons: Abel, Sue Bhang, Dr. Jim Davis, Ann Harrison and Steve Weaver.[1]

Encounter With Kzin

Angel's Pencil 01

In 2366 C.E. the Angel's Pencil was attacked by the Kzin ship Tracker, marking the first official encounter between mankind and the Kzin Patriarchy.[2][3] The Kzin aboard the Tracker attempted to roast the crew of the Angel's Pencil using heat inductors.[1] At the time all knowledge of warfare and violence had been suppressed by ARM, yet Steve Weaver was able to target the Tracker with the ship's communication's laser and destroy it with a well directed blast from the ship's drive.[1] By doing this, he not only broke precedent with hundreds of years of societal planning, he also opened the door to the later re-militarization of the human population which would be necessary to defend against later attacks by the Kzin. Initially, however, back on Earth, the transmissions received from the Angel's pencil were regarded with skepticism and some individuals working within ARM attempted to paint them as a hoax. With the beginning of the first Man-Kzin war the debate over the veracity of the Angel's Pencil's transmissions became moot.[4]

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